“Winter On The Boardwalk”

by Rick Sirota / Mike Kosec

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Winter on the Boardwalk
Winter on the boardwalk..
I’d come straight home from school
And put my sneakers on-
So I could run outside and play a while-
Before the light was gone.
Problem child, endless strife-
Been a problem all my life-
I’m never gonna get it right-
At least that’s what I’m told.
Now it’s 45- get out of work and turn the TV on-
Try hard not to remember-
All the dreams have gone-
You looked at me through my fears
I couldn’t hold back the tears-
Winter locked up all the years
That I cried alone-
Winter on the boardwalk / See the tilt a whirl in the snow-
Miles and miles of weathered boards
Where did everybody go?
You looked at me through my fears
And you came and erased those years-
I never knew what I missed
Till you came through the snow..

Winter on the boardwalk does not haunt me any more-
Your eyes hold my reflection
And your love is strong and sure.
I still think of those early days
But you’re like the sun
Breaking through the haze-
I’ll never stop being amazed-
That you came through the snow..
Winter on the boardwalk
Winter on the boardwalk
Come the winter
Come the winter…

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