by Mary Walsh Segato

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Wishing by Mary Segato

What I’d give to spend another day with you, in those little red K-mart boots
Running and playing in the brook at early dawn
Chasing butterflies until the day was gone

Little did we know, sister that you’d go
Before you could grow old


I’m wishing and wishing upon your star
Where you burn bright from afar
I’m wishing and wishing I could hold you tonight
Then everything would be all right, If just tonight…It would feel so right

Sit, listening to the babbling of the brook, thinking what’s changed since you’ve been gone.
The years go by and teach what the days never knew
Wouldn’t trade one moment spent with you.

Glad I didn’t know, the way our life would go
Just memories left to hold


Bridge- Never gonna stop hoping to see you again
In the circle of life, we’ll meet where we began

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