by jean pascal monzies

Genre: Pop


Words have the power to ensnare another’s heart . I get tangled in words and I lose you from the start.
Try to send you my messages but
words don’t speak for me. How can I say what I think or say what I feel.

Are you hearing me out cause I must confess there’s more to be hear always more to express. The truth has escaped me though I try to get it right my words are like the sound of birds taking flight.

You tell me how you are feeling without giving much away. You say that you know me and I do the same.
Tell me a story baby let’s play the game. Cause words have been high jacked their meaning erased.

So many voices misunderstood through conventions intentions would be’s and coulds. Lost in translation were speaking in tongues conversation’s run dry before it’s begun. Words echoing passion as actors mimic life. Our hearts are neglected to dumb to speak their part.

But there’s a place that’s yours and a place that’s mine were we can invite one another where silence enfolds us and love is not bound by words that conceal and confound. (Repeat verse 1)

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