Write me a Letter

by Peter Arnett

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Write me a Letter (P. Arnett)

Verse 1

Now the next time
You’re starin’ out the window
Thinkin’ ‘bout the good times
Watching the wind blow
Take out a new pen
Think about the last week
Put it on paper
And send it to me


Please write me, a little letter
Please write me, something, I can call my treasure for the day
My treasure for the day
It always makes my day

Verse 2

And the next time
You’re sittin’ by the TV
Nothing on real good
Think about me
Take out your notebook
Pull out a new sheet
Fill it with your changes
And send it to me



I can’t recall the last time I heard
I watch the mailbox and I wait for the word
I need a letter, I need a letter
I need a letter, I need a letter
I need a letter, won’t you please, write me!

Verse 3

And the next time
You’re thinkin’ to the night sky
Looking for the answers
Wondering why
Gather your new thoughts
Before they grow pale
Take ‘em to the corner
And put ‘em in the mail


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