by Jennifer Filzen, Vince Hudson, Tony Tinsay

Genre: Pop


Yo-Yo -Lyrics and Vocals by Jennifer Filzen, Music and Production by Vince Hudson, Guitar by Tony Tinsay

Tu eres.

I wanted to believe you when you said, “I’ll be back.” But as soon as you exit my sphere of influence
You change your tune
You are a…

Yo-yo Up and down Back and forth Smile and frown…

On again Off again
Like some emotional lightswitch
Stay, Go, Come back, Repeat. Stay, Go, Come back, Repeat.
You’ve got to be kidding me.
You are a…


Make up your mind
Stick to your decision
Your actions speak far louder than your words
And they mock the love we’ve shared
Knock it off!
Mock, mock, mock!
We are a…


Yo soy.

Choose now, or release me
Don’t ask me to have patience
You’re a mess!
And you’re pulling me into your spin
You make me…


Wishy-washy is not attractive!


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