You Are A Rose

by Mark Davenport

Genre: Americana/Country


You are in bloom
Seen today
Of such sweet scent
But oh, with so short a stay
That where you grew
Scarce one can say

So beautiful
A July flower
Yet one rude wind
Or a terse, ruffling summer shower
Will force you hence
To hide and cower

You are a rose
In fair set vine
Your tendrils can
Love entwine

The poet’s tongue
So well can speak
Though to compare
Such words and clever rhymes are meek
And ne’er replace
The balm I seek

Your petals soft
And need tender care
For pressed too close
You wilt and blush, and easily tear
And end too soon
Our brief affair

Go, happy rose
And interwove
With other flowers
Bind our love

You are a Queen
All flowers among
But die you must, fair rose
As he, along… the maker of this song

You are a rose
A sweet summer flower
Oh, happy rose

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