You Are The One

by Rob Pagnano

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


You Are The One

Whispers softly dancing , All around ,
Rolling thru the air , Never falling to the ground ,
An existence cant truly, Understand
What’s been missing from a life, Until the heats upon the hand

You are the one ,
That makes me want too come right home
You are the one,
That can take my hearts control
Believe in me , cause what I see
Is everything that I’ve been dreaming of

You are the one ,
That I can see beyond the stars A
You are the one ,
That can open up my mind
With the honesty , strength I see
I guarantee
You are the one !

With a crooked smile , you take all away
Erasing any worry , and the stresses of my day
When I feel that im about too lose control
I think of the woman , the woman that you’ve shown

This is my final trip , cause I know that you and I are it
I will give you all my heart & soul complete , and never let you go , no never let you go….

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