You Changed

by Jamie Polen

Genre: Rock


I was standing on the platform
You were walking to the train
Even once you left I couldn’t quite convince myself that
It’d never be the same again

So I guess I should’ve seen it coming
When you showed up at my door
And I tried my best but couldn’t quite convince myself
To not care anymore

I waited around
For what it’s worth
We were all sure
The impulse would pass as quickly as it came

But you held your ground
And traveled the world
Or so I heard
Now you come back to town
And act like you haven’t been away a day

Oh, but you changed
You’re not the same at all

You say you came to miss familiar
The more you woke up somewhere strange
But you got lost in the crowd
And you lost your nerve
Or so I heard
Now you’re kicking around
Wondering where we ever went astray

You changed
You’re not the same at all
I can’t tell you how much
You’ve changed
You’re not the girl I knew before

You changed
You changed
You’ve changed so
I ‘m telling you, you changed
You changed
You ain’t the same at all

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